All studies involving C57BL/6NTac

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Data set Procedure What's in this data set Panel Sex Age (weeks) Year
Brayton1 study archive Spontaneous diseases. inbred both 2013
Broad2 genotyping SNP profiling, 131,000+ genomic locations, 1-19,X. inbred   (89) 2009
CGD-MDA1 genotyping SNP profiling, 470,000+ genomic locations, 1-19,X,Y,MT. inbred   (142) m 2014
Esposito1 histopathology Frequency rates of disorders seen during histopathology survey of various organs. inbred   (6) both 2013
Shin1 elevated plus maze Exploratory and anxiety-related behaviors. 5 min test. inbred   (11) m 12-14wks 2016
Shin1 fear conditioning test Pavlovian fear conditioning. inbred   (11) m 12-14wks 2016
Shin1 observational fear learning test Percent time freezing to conditioning and contextual exposure. inbred   (11) m 12-14wks 2016
Shin1 open field test Locomotor activity and exploratory behavior. 5 min test. inbred   (11) m 12-14wks 2016
Shin1 three chamber assay Sociability testing. Tolerance of a novel mouse, a novel object, and second novel mouse vs. first. 10 min test. inbred   (11) m 12-14wks 2016
UCLA1 genotyping SNP profiling, 132,000+ genomic locations, 1-19,X HMDP   (248) both 2018