All studies involving Crl:CD-1(ICR)

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Data set Procedure What's in this data set Panel Sex Age (weeks) Year
Bodnar1 intake monitoring
with sucrose
Food, caloric, water intake. Baseline and with sucrose (several concentrations). 24h test. inbred   (12) m 13-17wks 2006
Gould1 drug and metabolite quantification
with lithium
Lithium concentration in brain tissue and blood serum after lithium (several doses). inbred   (11) m 7-8wks 2011
Gould1 forced swim test
with lithium
Lithium (several doses) vs. control. 6 min test. inbred   (11) m 7-8wks 2011
Parker1 assisted reproduction Number of oocytes and number of fertilized oocytes. inbred   (6) f 3-6wks 2011
Thomsen1 open field test
with cocaine
Locomotor activity. Baseline (saline) vs. cocaine i.p. (several doses). 1.3h and 2.3 h duration. inbred   (15) both 8-10wks 2011
Thomsen2 open field test
with R-6-Br-APB, quinelorane
Locomotor activity. Baseline (saline) vs. dopamine agonists i.p. (several doses). 3h session. inbred   (15) both 8-10wks 2011