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Donahue2 Donahue L, Beamer WG, Bogue MA, Churchill GA Characterization of skeletal geometry and bone strength in 10 inbred strains of mice (2004)
Farmer1 Farmer MA, Churchill GA QTL analysis of colitis severity in IL-10-deficient mice (2001)
Lyons1 Lyons MA, Churchill GA Plasma lipids and susceptibility to gallstones in F2 progeny of DBA/2J x CAST/EiJ (2003)
Lyons2 Lyons MA, Churchill GA Gallstone susceptibility in F2 progeny of 129S1/SvImJ and CAST/EiJ (2003)
Lyons3 Lyons MA, Churchill GA Identification of QTLs to determine cholesterol levels in 129S1/SvImJ and RIIIS/J F2 intercross (2004)
Powell1 Powell DA, Ma M, Frelinger JA, So M Susceptibility of 8 inbred founder strains of the Collaborative Cross to colonization by Neisseria musculi (2018)