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Data set Procedure What's in this data set Panel Sex Age (weeks) Year
CGDpheno2 metabolic panel Clinical blood chemistry (plasma), variation over time of controls. 4h fast. one strain: C57BL/6J both 2009
ITP1 glucose tolerance Postprandial glucose. Invervention vs. controls. UM-HET3 population both various 2004-2021
Jaxpheno10 study archive Lipid and glucose levels in 2 knockouts vs. control. No fast. other   (2) both 2016
Jaxpheno9 study archive Diabetes onset and body weight in a non-obese diabetic strain on standard diet. Blood glucose sampling. one strain: NOD/ShiLtJ both 2014
Jaxwest11 study archive
with rosiglitazone
Effect of rosiglitazone peptide on diet-induced obesity, type 2 diabetes. one strain: BKS.Cg-Dock7 +/+ Lepr/J m 2009
Kim1 study archive Glucose, insulin, body and fat pad weights. QTL population m 20-26wks 2001
Richards-Smith1 study archive
with macronutrient diet option
Caloric intake, glucose, body and fat pad weights. Macronutrient diet option. QTL population m 8-13wks 2002
Zhang1 study archive
with western diet
Atherosclerosis and glucose homeostasis. Lesions, lipids, glucose, insulin. High-fat, western-style diet. QTL population f <6-18wks 2012