Williams1 animal documentation

Inter-strain variation in splenocyte populations for 5 inbred strains (Australia ARC)   (2012)

Williams RB
With: French HJ, Hardy K, Rigby R


Acclimation and testing periods

All Mice were obtained from the Animal Resources Centre (ARC) (Canning Vale WA 6970, Australia) and maintained in a pathogen free environment in the animal containment suites of the Animal Services Division (ASD), John Curtin School of Medical Research (JCSMR), at The Australian National University Canberra, Australia
Mice were sacrificed at 8 wks of age for tissue removal, within 24h of receipt from JCSMR Animal Containment Suite. No surgical procedures were carried out on live animals and no drugs administered.
Mice were given ad libitum access to standard food pellets
Mice were given ad libitum access to sterilized water
Mice were caged in individually ventilated cages (IVC), with a maximum of 5 mice per cage
Tavpei brand coarse-grade aspen for bedding and nesting material
Regulatory compliance
Mice were maintained and sacrificed for experimentation in accordance with the procedures detailed in Animal Ethics Protocol Number J.MB.47.09 reviewed and accepted by the Australian National University Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee