Tordoff2 supplemental data

Diet preference: Survey of food consumption and water intake using 2-bottle choice test in males of 28 inbred strains of mice   (2001)

Tordoff MG, Bachmanov AA

Tordoff2 supplemental data

The "Tordoff2 project data set" Excel file (available on the Tordoff2 project page) includes all MPD-accessioned measurements, plus some supplemental measurements that aren't described within the file. The following table illustrates:

Short nameDescriptionUnitsMPD measurement?

Age and body weights
        ageage of mousedays Y
        bwstartbody weight at start of testg  
        bwendbody weight at end of testg  
        bwavgbody weight averageg Y

Daily food intake
        fid1food intake day 1g  
        fid2food intake day 2g  
        fid3food intake day 3g  
        fid4food intake day 4g  
        fiavgdaily average food intakeg Y
        fiavgadjdaily average food intake adjusted for body weightg Y

Daily water intake (2 tubes)
        wir1water intake day 1 right tubeml  
        wil1water intake day 1 left tubeml  
        wid1water intake day 1 both tubesml  
        wir2water intake day 2 right tubeml  
        wil2water intake day 2 left tubeml  
        wid2water intake day 2 both tubesml  
        wir3water intake day 3 right tubeml  
        wil3water intake day 3 left tubeml  
        wid3water intake day 3 both tubesml  
        wir4water intake day 4 right tubeml  
        wil4water intake day 4 left tubeml  
        wid4water intake day 4 both tubesml  
        wiavgdaily average water intakeml Y
        wiavgadjdaily average water intake adjusted for body weightml Y

Tube preference
        pctrpercent preference for right spout% Y