Taft1 supplemental data

Performance survey following assisted reproductive technologies in females of 10 inbred strains of mice   (2006)

Taft RA, Byers SL
With: Payson SJ

Taft1 supplemental data

The "Taft1 project data set" Excel file (available on the Taft1 project page) includes all MPD-accessioned measurements, plus supplemental measurements that aren't described within the file. The following table illustrates:
Short nameDescriptionUnitsMPD measurement?MPD computed?

    inject_superfemales injected to superovulate n  
    donor_dish_superfemales responding to superovulation per dish n  
    super_pctpercent females responding to superovulation %YY
    COC_dish_superharvested cumulus oocyte complexes per dish n  
    live_dish_supernormal live oocytes per dish n  
    dead_dish_superdead oocytes per dish n  
    frag_dish_superfragmented oocytes per dish n  
    live_supernormal live oocytes per donor n  
    dead_superdead oocytes per donor n  
    frag_superfragmented oocytes per donor n  
    oocyte_donortotal oocyte per donor nYY
    pct_live_superpercent of live oocyte per donor %YY
    pct_dead_superpercent of dead ooctye per donor %YY
    pct_frag_superpercent of fragmented oocyte per donor %YY

in vitro fertilization (IVF)
    two_cell_dish_IVFtwo-cell embryos per IVF dish n  
    one_cell_IVFone-cell embryos per IVF dish n  
    dead_IVFdead oocytes per IVF dish n  
    frag_IVFfragmented oocytes per IVF dish n  
    pct_two_cell_IVFtwo-cell embryos, percent of donor cells %Y 
    pct_one_cell_IVFone-cell embryos, percent of donor cells %Y 
    pct_dead_IVFdead embryos, percent of donor cells %Y 
    pct_frag_IVFfragmented oocytes, percent of donor cells %Y 

fresh embryo transfer
    fresh_embryosnumber fresh embryos transferred (ET) n  
    live_freshlive pups from fresh ET n  
    resorb_freshfetal resorption, fresh ET n  
    implant_freshimplant sites (early resorption), fresh ET n  
    pct_live_freshlive pups, percent of fresh ET %Y 
    pct_implant_freshimplant sites (early resorption), percent of fresh ET %Y 
    pct_dead_freshresorbed fetuses, percent of fresh ET %Y 

frozen embryo transfer
    frozen_embryosnumber frozen/thawed embryos transferred (ET) n  
    live_frozenlive pups from frozen/thawed ET n  
    resorb_frozenfetal resorption, frozen/thawed ET n  
    implant_frozenimplant sites (early resorption), frozen/thawed ET n  
    pct_live_frozenlive pups, percent of frozen/thawed ET %Y 
    pct_implant_frozenimplant sites (early resorption), percent of frozen/thawed ET %Y 
    pct_dead_frozenresorbed fetus, percent of frozen/thawed ET %Y