Svenson3 animal documentation

Hematology and blood chemistry of C57BL/6J-Chr#PWD/Ph/ForeJ mouse chromosome substitution strains   (2006)

Svenson KL, Forejt J, Donahue L, Paigen B
With: Marion M

Svenson3 Animal Documentation

Acclimation & testing periods

Ages Mice were acclimated at the HLB facility for 3 wks and tested at 11-wks of age
Feed LabDiet 5K52 (6% fat) during the acclimation period
Water Autoclaved and adjusted with hydrochloric acid to pH 2.8-3.1 and supplemented with menadione sodium bisulfite (final concentration 0.4 mg/ml) to compensate for potential decrease in vitamin K activity upon autoclaving; water supplied in pinhole type bottles (Thoren Caging Systems, Inc. Hazelton, PA) ad-libitum
Housing Thoren cages; Thoren Maxi Miser #3 cages with a PIV (pressurized individually ventilated) system
Bedding Steam autoclaved white pine shavings from Crobb Box Co. of Ellsworth, ME
Photoperiod 12/12 Light/Dark; beginning at 6 AM
Temperature 18-24°C
Relative humidity ~50%
Health status Sentinel mice were periodically examined throughout the study and were free of microbiological infections; for additional information