Shorter1 animal documentation

Male fertility assessment in 347 pre-CC lines of the Collaborative Cross that are now extinct   (2017)

Shorter JR, O'Brien DA, Pardo-Manuel de Villena F
With: Odet F, Aylor DL, Pan W, Kao CY, Fu CP, Morgan AP, Greenstein S, Bell TA, Stevans AM, Feathers RW, Patel S, Cates SE, Shaw GD, Miller DR, Chesler EJ, McMillian L

Animal documentation

Source All funnels were initially bred at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Oak Ridge TN, and then at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill NC since 2009. A single male from each of 347 independent lines (which were declared extinct between 2008 and 2011) was transferred to the laboratory of Fernando Pardo-Manuel de Villena at UNC
179 - 862 days of age

Purina Prolab RMH3000, provided ad libitum

Provided ad libitum
Not specified
Not specified
Mice were housed in standard 20 x 30 cm ventilated polysulfone cages with laboratory grade Bed-O-Cob bedding
Photoperiod Not specified
Care and Use
All procedures were performed according to the Guide for the care and Use of Laboratory Animals with prior approval by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Commmittee (Animal Welfare Assurance Number: A-3410-01)