Schoenrock1 animal documentation

Perinatal nutrition effects on anxiety- and depression-related behaviors in females of F1 hybrids (RIX) of Collaborative Cross strains of mice   (2018)

Schoenrock SE, Tarantino LM
With: Oreper D, Farrington J, McMullan RC, Ervin R, Miller DR, Pardo-Manuel de Villena F, Valdar W

Animal documentation


Breeders were obtained from the System Genetics Core at UNC-Chapel Hill

Breeders were 4-5 wks at shipping. F1 hybrids were tested at 8-9 wks of age

Provided ad libitum. All diets formulated by Dyets, Inc., Bethleham PA: standard control (#AIN-93G), protein deficient (7.5% casein; #102787), methyl enriched (#518893), vitamin D deficient (#119266)

Provided ad libitum
Not specified
Humidity controlled, but not specified
Mice were grouped housed in standard cages
Photoperiod 12:12h light:dark cycle (lights on at 0700h)
Care and Use
All procedures and animal care were approved by the UNC Institutional Animal Care an Use Committee and followed the guidelines set forth by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals