Recla2 animal documentation

Late phase formalin pain response in a Diversity Outbred (DO) mouse population   (2019)

Recla JM, Bubier JA, Gatti DM, Ryan JL, Robledo RF, Churchill GA, Chesler EJ, Bult CJ
With: Long KH, Garrett AM, Glidden N, Maser RS, Zhang A-W, Burgess RW, Young EE

Animal documentation

Source Mice were obtained from The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor Maine (generation 8 of outcrossing)
11 wks of age at shipping; 13-17 wks at testing

NIH31 5K52 chow, LabDiet/PMI Nutrition, St. Louis MO, provided ad libitum

Acidified, provided ad libitum
23° +/- 1°C
Climate controlled, but not specified
Mice were housed in duplex polycarbonate cages with a Shepherd Shack on ventilated racks providing 99.997% HEPA filtered air to each cage. Female mice were group-housed with a cage density of 4-5; male mice were singly housed due to aggressive behavior.
Photoperiod 12:12h light:dark cycle (lights on at 0600h)
Care and Use
All procedures and protocols approved by The Jackson Laboratory Animal Care and Use Committee and conducted in compliance with the National Institutes of Health Guidelines for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals.