RIKEN-EAD1 animal documentation

Blood chemistry, hematology, and body size for 56 inbred mouse strains (RBRC)   (2008)

RIKEN BioResource Center / Experimental Animal Division
With: Yoshiki A

RIKEN-EAD1_ Animal Documentation

Mouse Husbandry

Supplier RIKEN BioResource Center / Experimental Animal Division
Ages Mice were housed in RIKEN BRC barrier facility until 8 weeks old when sample collection took place.
Diet All strains maintained on a Gamma-irradiated commercial diet (CLEA Rodent Diet CE-2, Japan, Inc., Tokyo, Japan) CLEA
Water Drinking water was supplied from a local source in pinhole type bottles (CLEA Japan, Inc., Tokyo, Japan) and autoclaved.
Housing Mouse R-PSF #CL-0132 cages were used for all strains as part of microisolation cage system (Safety Rack R, CLEA Japan, Inc., Tokyo, Japan).
Bedding Autoclaved paper bedding sheets, containing 75% soft and 25% hardwood pulps (CLEA Japan, Inc., Tokyo, Japan)
Photoperiod 12 hrs on (covering the hrs of 8:00 to 20:00) 12hrs off.
Ambient pressure +40 Pa (maximum positive pressure)
Temperature 23-25°C
Relative humidity 55-65%
Health status Mice were routinely monitored using the sentinel mouse program. See RIKEN BRC Quality Control website for the list of pathogenic agents monitored.