Palmer1 animal documentation

Survey of innate anxiety-like behavior and fear conditioning in C57BL/6J-Chr#A/J/NaJ mouse chromosome substitution panel (19 strains)   (2007)

Palmer A, Ponder CA, Munoz M, Gilliam TC

Palmer1 Animal Documentation

Acclimation & testing periods

Ages Mice were between 7-10 wks old on the first day of testing
Feed Ad libitum
Water Ad libitum
Housing 2 - 5 same-sex littermates were housed in clear plastic cages
Bedding Standard corn cob-type
Photoperiod 12/12 light/dark cycle with lights on at 6:00 hr
Health status All experiments were performed in accordance with the National Institutes of Health guidelines for the care and use of laboratory animals and were approved by the Columbia University and Portland VA Medical Center's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees.