Data changelog for Paigen1

2010/10/12 Correction Project: Paigen1
On 'free to esterified ratio' the units were corrected from 'mg/mg' to 'ratio'

2004/06/12 Correction Project: Paigen1
Data not changed; the phrase 'after 8 wks on atherogenic diet' was added to many meas descriptions

2004/02/20 Update Project: Paigen1
Aortic lesion measurement added

2004/02/16 Correction Project: Paigen1
Nzw/lacj #23 changed from male to female

2003/03/05 Update Project: Paigen1
Body weight change was expressed as a percent, now expressed as a fold (1.00 = no change)

2002/11/20 Update Project: Paigen1
New derived field, pctbwchg, was computed by mpd and added to dataset

2001/09/06 Update Project: Paigen1
Project title was changed.

2001/02/20 Correction Project: Paigen1
Negative hdl cholesterol levels were changed to 0 per dr paigen.