Mao1 animal documentation

Motor performance and body weight in 16 Collaborative Cross strains of mice   (2015)

Mao J, Snijders AM
With: Langley SA, Huang Y, Hang M, Bouchard KE, Celniker SE, Brown JB, Jansson JK, Karpen GH

Animal documentation

Source Mice obtained from UNC Chapel Hill and acclimated for 8 wks at the test facility prior to breeding
Test animals were weaned at 21 d and tested at 10 wks

Not specified, provided ad libitum

Provided ad libitum
Not specified
Not specified
Group housed whenever possible
Photoperiod Not specified; mice tested during light cycle
Care and Use

This study was carried out in accordance with the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals of the National Institutes of Health. The animal use protocol was approved by the Animal Welfare and Research Committee of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Protocol File Number 271004).