Kumar4 animal documentation

Gait and whole body posture measures in 52 inbred strains of mice and 10 F1 hybrid lines   (2021)

Kumar V
With: Sheppard K, Gardin J, Sabnis GS, Peer A, Darrell M, Deats S, Geuther B, Lutz CM

Animal Documentation

Source of Mice: The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine, USA

Age (wks): 10-20 weeks

Breeding: All animals were obtained from the JAX repository or bred in a room adjacent to the behavioral testing room

Test Facility: Research area of The Jackson Laboratory.

Feed: Not specified, ad libitum

Water: ad libitum

Temperature (°C): Not specified

Care and Use Statement: All behavioral tests are performed in accordance with approved protocols from The Jackson Laboratory Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee guide.