Koide2 animal documentation

Capsaicin intake and pain threshold in 14 inbred strains of mice, mostly wild-derived (Mishima) strains   (2003)

Koide T, Furuse T

Koide2_ Animal Documentation

Acclimation & testing periods

Shipment All mice were bred in animal facility of National Institute of Genetics, Japan
Ages 8-12 wks of age at the start of testing
Feed Given ad libitum (Rodent Diet CE-2, CLEA, Japan)
Water Provided ad libitum before and during 6 different concentrations of capsaicin solutions using 1-bottle paradigm
Housing After weaning, mice were grouped housed according to sex (2-5 per cage) and strain in standard sized plastic cages. One week before testing, mice were housed individually.
Bedding Wood shavings
Photoperiod 12 h light on, 12 h light off light-dark cycles (on at 08:00 a.m.)
Humidity 40-60%
Temperature 21-25 °C
Health status All procedures used in this study were approved by the institutional animal care and use committee.