JaxCC1 project protocol for procedure: rotarod

Multisystem phenotyping of 18 Collaborative Cross strains   (2018)

The Jackson Laboratory


See JAX Pipeline on the IMPC website for order of tasks for all mice tested

Project protocol: Rotarod test


The rotarod test assesses motor coordination, motor learning, and balance.

Study design

  • Paradigm: Baseline study
  • Panel: Collaborative Cross
  • Number of strains: 18
  • Sex: Both
  • Age: 10-12 wks
  • Sample size: Seven mice per sex from at least two litters
  • Number of cohorts: 1


    Step Description Equipment Data collected
    1 Mice are acclimated to test room for at least 30 min - -


    Each mouse is placed on the rotarod in a separate lane Rotarod -
    3 Rotarod testing (5 trials) Rotarod Latency to fall from rotarod

    Equipment, software and supplies

    Reagents and solutions

    • 1% Virkon S solution



    1. Mice are allowed to acclimate to the testing room for a minimum of 30 min.
    2. Mice are tested for 5 trials with an acceleration of 7.2 rpm/min (trial max = 5 min).
    3. Mice are placed in separate compartments of the rotating rod.
    4. The latency to fall into the tray for each mouse is recorded by photobeam break.
    5. Mice remain in the tray for the remainder of the trial.
    6. A 30 s intertrial interval begins after the last mouse falls.
    7. Equipment is cleaned between subjects with 1% Virkon S.


    Data collection: Local data processing is implemented to calculate derived measures from this data and a table of the derived measures and raw data are reported per mouse in JaxLIMS.

    Data QC: Failure to stay on wheel at start of test, mice holding any damaged edges of the sandpaper, equipment fault, trial interrupted, and calibration/recording errors are possible reasons to exclude data from analysis.



    LIMS field name MPD variable name Description Units Series Primary measurement Series order MPD computed Calculation Method Data type
    Duration 1 latency_trial1 latency to fall from rotarod, trial 1 s Yes latency_trial1 1     rotarod Float

    Duration 2

    latency_trial1 latency to fall from rotarod, trial 2 s Yes latency_trial1 2     rotarod Float
    Duration 3 latency_trial1 latency to fall from rotarod, trial 3 s Yes latency_trial1 3     rotarod Float
    Duration 4 latency_trial1 latency to fall from rotarod, trial 4 s Yes latency_trial1 4     rotarod Float
    Duration 5 latency_trial1 latency to fall from rotarod, trial 5 s Yes latency_trial1 5     rotarod Float

    Experimental and technical parameters

    Equipment name Rotarod (accelerating)
    Equipment manufacturer Med Associates
    Equipment model SOF-ENV-575
    Diameter of rod 70 mm
    Material of rod cover 320 grit sandpaper (applied with rubber cement)
    Start speed 4 rpm
    Acceleration 7.2 rpm/min
    Max trial duration 5 min
    Start time 0700 - 1800 EST
    Disinfectant 1% Virkon Solution