Hawes1 animal documentation

Morphological examination of the eye in 41 inbred strains of mice   (2008)

Hawes NL, Chang B, Davisson MT
With: Hurd RE, Smith RS

Acclimation and testing periods
Vendor Mice were obtained from The Jackson Laboratory JAX® (Bar Harbor, ME)
6-7 wks
All mice were fed NIH31 (6% fat) chow ad libitum
Drinking water was acidified to pH 2.8 to 3.2 to prevent bacterial growth
Mice were housed in cages covered with non-woven polyester filters
Steam autoclaved white pine shavings
14 hours (light) on, 10 hours off; or 12 h light : 12 h dark cycle
Relative humidity ~50%
21 °C
Health status
The Jackson Laboratory Diagnostics Laboratory routinely monitors and documents animal health status using statistically valid sampling procedures and standard protocols. (Sentinel animals are tested). Detailed health status reports for each animal room represented from this project are on file and available on request. See JAX Mice Quality Control Programs or the JAX Mice Catalog for the list of agents monitored.


Note: These same mice were tested for acoustic startle response and prepulse inhibition at 5-7 weeks of age by the Willott1 project and later characterized for bone mineral density, body composition, and craniofacial characterization at 15-16 weeks of age by the Donahue1 project.