Farmer1: QTL analysis of colitis severity in IL-10-deficient mice (2001)

Farmer MA, Sundberg JP, Bristol IJ, Churchill GA, Li R, Elson CO, Leiter EH. A major quantitative trait locus on chromosome 3 controls colitis severity in IL-10-deficient mice. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2001 Nov 20;98(24):13820-5. Epub 2001 Nov 13.   PubMed 11707574     FullText

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Investigators M A Farmer
Gary A Churchill       The Jackson Laboratory,  Bar Harbor, ME
Participants Sundberg JP, Bristol IJ, Li R, Elson CO, Leiter EH
ContactGary A Churchill
Affiliated CenterQTL Archive
AcknowledgementsGrant: This work was supported by National Institutes of Health Grant PPG-44240.Institutional shared ser vices (The Jackson Laborator y) were supported by National Cancer Institute Cancer Center Support Grant CA-34196.
Project type QTL Archive data set
MPD identifiersFarmer1     MPD:113
Data changelog No updates/corrections.       Initial release date: 05/2011.
A reciprocal intercross of C3H/HeJBir and C57BL/6J was generated to identify the QTLs of the colitis susceptibility modifiers (Cdcs). 411 F2 (201 female +210 male) IL-10-deficient mice were genotyped and necropsied at 6 weeks of age. Many of colitis-related phenotypes were measured and a major contributed QTL was identified on chromosome 3. For detailed protocols see Farmer et al 2001.

QTL data set parameters:
Progenitor strains B6.Il10-/-     C3H.Il10-/-    
Cross direction notation(C3H x B6) F1 x (C3H x B6) F1; (B6 x C3H) F1 x (B6 x C3H) F1
Cross typeF2 reciprocal intercross
Population size 201 ♀     210 ♂

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Associated genomic features
MGI-curated QTL / genomic features that have been associated with this data set:
Cdcs1   Cdcs2   Cdcs3   Cdcs4   Cdcs5   Cdcs6  

Project / data set:   Farmer1     a.k.a. Farmer_2001
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CSV file:   Farmer2001_C3HxB6_B37_Data.csv
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