Donahue2 animal documentation

Characterization of skeletal geometry and bone strength in 10 inbred strains of mice   (2004)

Donahue L, Beamer WG, Bogue MA, Churchill GA
With: Tsaih S-W, Sears AR, MacKenzie GW


Acclimation and testing periods

Mice were housed in JAX® production rooms until either 4 wks of age
NIH31 diet containing 6% fat, 17% protein, plus vitamin and mineral fortification (Purina Mills International, Brentwood, MO). The full composition of this open formula diet is available at here
Animal were provided free access to acidified water (pH 2.5 with HCl to retard bacterial growth)
The mice were received into our research colony at 4 weeks of age, and housed in groups of 3-4 of the same sex
Sterilized White Pine shavings
Health status
Sentinel mice were periodically examined throughout the study and were free of microbiological infections