Dietrich1: sample sizes

Number of animals tested for each measure in this project, by strain and sex.       Cells with N < 5 are colored pink.

More info about these strains
Dietrich1 measure Sex 129P1/ReJ 129S1/SvImJ 129S6/SvEv 129X1/SvJ A/J AKR/J AKXL13/TyJ AKXL16A/TyJ AKXL17/TyJ AKXL21/TyJ AKXL24/TyJ AKXL29/TyJ AKXL37/TyJ AKXL38/TyJ AKXL6/TyJ B6129SF1/J B6129XF1 B6C3F1/J B6.Cg-Tg(Nlrp1b)1Die/DieJ BALB/cJ BXH10/TyJ BXH11/TyJ BXH14/TyJ BXH19/TyJ BXH4/TyJ BXH6/TyJ BXH7/TyJ BXH8/TyJ C3H/HeJ C57BL/6J C57L/J CAST/EiJ CBA/J DBA/2J FVB/NJ I/LnJ LP/J MRL/MpJ NOD.129S2(B6)-Casp1<tm1Sesh>/LtJ NOD/ShiLtJ NON/ShiLtJ NZB/BlNJ NZO/HlLtJ P/J PL/J SJL/J SM/J SPRET/EiJ ST/bJ SWR/J
anthrax_lethal_toxin   susceptibility to Bacillus anthracis (0=susceptible, 1=resistant)   1501 (F)