DiPetrillo2 animal documentation

Urine albumin and creatinine in males of 7 inbred founder strains and 150+ emerging lines (pre-CC) of the Collaborative Cross   (2012)

DiPetrillo K
With: Thaisz J, Tsaih SW, Feng M, Philip VM, Zhang Y, Yanas L, Sheehan S, Xu L, Miller DR, Paigen B, Chesler EJ, Churchill GA


Acclimation and testing periods

Male inbred mice were obtained The Jackson Laboratory (JAX®, Bar Harbor, Maine). Collaborative Cross male mice obtained from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Oak Ridge, TN 37831).
Mice were tested 10 wks of age
Mice were fed ad libitum pelleted and autoclaved diet of NIH 31M formula with 6% fat (Purina Mills Inc., Richmond, IN)
Mice were provided ad libitum access to autoclaved acidified water (pH 2.8 to 3.1)
Mice were housed in groups of 4-5 mice in individually ventilated micro-isolator cages from Thoren Caging Systems Inc. (Hazelton, PA) within an SPF barrier room. Each pen contained a wire-rod metal top that holds feed pellets and a water bottle. The room was supplied with HEPA-filtered air at 19 changes/h.
Autoclaved white pine shavings (Crobb Box, Ellsworth, ME)
Relative humidity of 35% ± 4%
12-h light: 12-h dark cycle
22 ± 2°C
Regulatory compliance
All animal experiments have been conducted according to relevant national and international guidelines (AALAC and IACUC) and have been approved by the Jackson Laboratory Animal Care and Use Committee