Bubier3 animal documentation

Drug study: Opioid induced respiratory depression in 8 inbred founder strains of the Collaborative Cross   (2020)

Bubier JA, Chesler EJ
With: He H, Philip V, Donohue KD, O'Hara B

Animal Documentation

Source of Mice: The Jackson Laboratory

Age (wks): 6-8 wks at shipping

Breeding: Some strains were bred in the JAX animal research facility.

Test Facility: The Jackson Laboratory, G3B, SPF Intermediate Level L

Feed: Sterilized 6% fat 5K52 chow, ad libitum (LabDiet/PMI Nutrition, St. Louis MO)

Water: Acidified (pH2-5.3) with vitamin K, ad libitum

Bedding: Pine shavings

Cage Type, Distributor, Material, Size: Plastic duplex pressurized individually vented Thoren cage #3 (30.80 x 30.80 x 14.5 cm). The ventilated caging provided a minimum of 60 air changes per hour within each cage.

Husbandry: Bedding changed weekly

Cage Density: 1-5

Cage Enrichment: Nestlet and shepard shack

Temperature (°C): 18-23°C

Humidity (%): 40-60%

Light / Dark Cycle: 12:12h

Care and Use Statement: All animal protocols were reviewed and approved by The Jackson Laboratory Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

Subject Identification: Ear notch