Berndt3 animal documentation

Serum vitamin D levels in males of 18 inbred mouse strains   (2011)

Berndt A
With: Savage HS, Stearns TM, Paigen B


Acclimation and testing periods

Supplier Male mice were obtained from The Jackson Laboratory (JAX®, Bar Harbor, ME)
Phenotypic analysis conducted at 11 wks of age
Mice were allowed ad libitum access to food pellets containing 6% fat (LabDiet 5K52, PMI Nutritional International, Bentwood, MO).
Mice were allowed ad libitum access to acidified water (pH 2.8–3.2)
Mice of the same sex (maximum 5 per pen) were housed in duplex polycarbonate cages (31 X 31 X 214 cm) in pressurized individually ventilated mouse cages (Thoren Caging System, Hazelton, PA) with a high-efficiency particulate air-filtered supply and exhaust.
Pine shavings
12 h light/12 h dark cycle
22 ± 1.0°C
Health status
The animal room at The Jackson Laboratory is SPF (specific pathogen free), regularly monitored for and free of viruses, bacterial species, Mycoplasma, and parasites, as described at JAX®mice. All animal protocols were reviewed and approved by the Animal Care and Use Committee at The Jackson Laboratory.