Bennett4 animal documentation

Diet effects on body composition, plasma chemistry, lipid profile, metabolism, activity, and food intake in females of 22 Collaborative Cross strains of mice   (2021)

Yam P, Bennett BJ
With: Albright J, VerHague M, Gertz ER, Pardo-Manuel de Villena F.

Animal Documentation

Source of Mice: University of North Carolina Systems Genetics Core Facility (2016)

Age (wks): 6-9 wks at shipping

Test Facility: Animal facility at UNC

Feed: Standard synthetic diet during acclimation period; high-fat high-sucrose diet; high-protein diet (see Protocol)

Water: Sterile water supplied ad libitum

Bedding: Non-irradiated pine bedding

Light / Dark Cycle: 12:12h

Care and Use Statement: In accordance with the University of North Carolina Institution Animal Care and Use Committee guidelines. All maintenance protocols and experimental procedures were approved by the IACUC at UNC