Bachmanov1 animal documentation

NaCl taste thresholds in males of 13 inbred mouse strains   (2011)

Bachmanov AA
With: Ishiwatari Y

Bachmanov1_ Animal Documentation

Acclimation & testing periods

Vendor The 12 inbred mouse strains were purchased from The Jackson Laboratory (JAX®, Bar Harbor, ME). PWK/PhJ mice were bred at the Monell Chemical Senses Center from progenitors purchased from The Jackson Laboratory.
Ages Mice were 7–8 wks old at the start of testing
Feed Free access to Teklad Rodent Diet 8604 (Harlan Teklad), which includes 0.29% sodium
Water Free access to water
Housing During acclimation and testing periods, mice were housed in individual cages
Photoperiod 12:12, light:dark cycle
Temperature 23°C
Regulatory compliance All protocols involving animals were approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee at the Monell Center before the experiments.