Attie2 animal documentation

Diet effects on Type 2 diabetes associated physiological traits in a Diversity Outbred (DO) mouse population on a high-fat high-sucrose diet   (2018)

Keller MP, Churchill GA, Attie AD
With: Gatti DM, Schueler KL, Rabaglia ME, Stapleton DS, Simecek P, Vincent M, Allen S, Broman AT, Bacher R, Kendziorski C, Broman KW, Yandell BS

Animal Documentation

Source of Mice: The Jackson Laboratory

Age (wks): 4 wks of age at shipping

Breeding: Waves of 100 DO mice, half for each sex, were obtained three times per year until 500 DO mice were surveyed. DO generations 18, 19, 21 were included in the study.

Test Facility: Department of Biochemistry animal vivarium, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Feed: Envigo Teklad #TD.08811 (44.6% kcal fat, 34% carbohydrate, 17.3% protein), ad libitum

Water: Ad libitum

Cage Density: 1 per cage

Temperature (°C): Not specified

Humidity (%): Not specified

Light / Dark Cycle: Not specified