Phenotype measures associated with ontology term
VT:1000781   'nervous/sensory system trait'
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All measures in this list are mapped to the ontology descendants of VT:1000781. None are mapped to VT:1000781 directly.
VT:0000353   vestibular system physiology trait
VT:0000366   brainstem auditory evoked potential
VT:0000771   brain size trait
VT:0000781   corpus callosum size trait
VT:0000807   hippocampus morphology trait
VT:0000812   dentate gyrus morphology trait
VT:0000913   brain development trait
VT:0001005   retinal rod cell morphology trait
VT:0001006   retinal cone cell morphology trait
VT:0001349   tear production trait
VT:0001895   hippocampus physiology trait
VT:0001905   dopamine amount
VT:0001907   cerebellum physiology trait
VT:0001970   pain threshold
VT:0002001   visual acuity trait
VT:0002090   vision trait
VT:0002104   hearing physiology trait
VT:0002152   brain morphology trait
VT:0002176   brain mass
VT:0002199   brain commissure morphology trait
VT:0002206   CNS synaptic transmission trait
VT:0002634   sensorimotor gating trait
VT:0002733   thermal nociception trait
VT:0002734   mechanical nociception trait
VT:0002735   chemical nociception trait
VT:0003088   prepulse inhibition trait
VT:0004209   sweet taste sensitivity trait
VT:0004212   salty taste sensitivity trait
VT:0005316   tactition trait
VT:0005404   axon morphology trait
VT:0006007   basal ganglion morphology trait
VT:0006008   neurogenesis trait
VT:0006215   optic disc morphology trait
VT:0006276   autonomic nervous system physiology trait
VT:0010484   serotonin amount
VT:0010536   rostral migratory stream morphology trait
VT:0010538   lateral septum size trait
VT:0010585   brain molecular composition trait
VT:0015026   neuron quantity
VT:0015058   brain physiology trait
VT:0015094   equilibrioception system trait