Phenotype measures associated with ontology term
VT:0015074   'organ system trait'
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All measures in this list are mapped to the ontology descendants of VT:0015074. None are mapped to VT:0015074 directly.
VT:0000003   adipose morphology trait
VT:0000010   abdominal fat pad morphology trait
VT:0000102   nasal bone morphology trait
VT:0000137   vertebra morphology trait
VT:0000138   vertebra quantity
VT:0000149   scapula morphology trait
VT:0000150   rib morphology trait
VT:0000183   blood pressure trait
VT:0000217   leukocyte quantity
VT:0000222   neutrophil quantity
VT:0000223   monocyte quantity
VT:0000231   heart excitatory physiology trait
VT:0000248   erythrocyte size trait
VT:0000261   arterial blood flow trait
VT:0000272   aorta morphology trait
VT:0000334   granulocyte quantity
VT:0000336   mast cell quantity
VT:0000353   vestibular system physiology trait
VT:0000366   brainstem auditory evoked potential
VT:0000367   coat/hair morphology trait
VT:0000438   skull morphology trait
VT:0000454   jaw morphology trait
VT:0000455   maxilla morphology trait
VT:0000458   mandible morphology trait
VT:0000462   gastrointestinal system morphology trait
VT:0000552   radius morphology trait
VT:0000558   tibia morphology trait
VT:0000559   femur morphology trait
VT:0000579   nail morphology trait
VT:0000598   liver morphology trait
VT:0000607   hepatocyte morphology trait
VT:0000609   liver physiology trait
VT:0000623   salivation trait
VT:0000627   mammary gland morphology trait
VT:0000639   adrenal gland morphology trait
VT:0000643   adrenal central medulla morphology trait
VT:0000646   adrenocortical cell morphology trait
VT:0000685   immune system morphology trait
VT:0000689   spleen morphology trait
VT:0000717   lymphocyte quantity
VT:0000771   brain size trait
VT:0000781   corpus callosum size trait
VT:0000807   hippocampus morphology trait
VT:0000812   dentate gyrus morphology trait
VT:0000913   brain development trait
VT:0001005   retinal rod cell morphology trait
VT:0001006   retinal cone cell morphology trait
VT:0001126   ovary morphology trait
VT:0001142   vaginal opening morphology trait
VT:0001146   testis morphology trait
VT:0001175   lung morphology trait
VT:0001183   respiratory alveoli size trait
VT:0001349   tear production trait
VT:0001542   bone strength trait
VT:0001586   erythrocyte quantity
VT:0001588   blood hemoglobin amount
VT:0001664   digestion trait
VT:0001756   urine production trait
VT:0001757   urine molecular composition trait
VT:0001758   urine glucose amount
VT:0001778   brown adipose amount
VT:0001790   immune system physiology trait
VT:0001819   immune system cell physiology trait
VT:0001830   effector T cell quantity
VT:0001895   hippocampus physiology trait
VT:0001905   dopamine amount
VT:0001907   cerebellum physiology trait
VT:0001922   male fertility trait
VT:0001923   female fertility trait
VT:0001942   lung capacity
VT:0001943   respiration trait
VT:0001944   pancreas morphology trait
VT:0001970   pain threshold
VT:0002001   visual acuity trait
VT:0002090   vision trait
VT:0002095   skin pigmentation trait
VT:0002096   skin morphology trait
VT:0002098   vibrissa morphology trait
VT:0002104   hearing physiology trait
VT:0002116   craniofacial bone morphology trait
VT:0002133   respiratory system physiology trait
VT:0002135   kidney morphology trait
VT:0002136   kidney physiology trait
VT:0002144   B cell development trait
VT:0002152   brain morphology trait
VT:0002160   reproductive system morphology trait
VT:0002161   female fecundity trait
VT:0002176   brain mass
VT:0002191   artery morphology trait
VT:0002199   brain commissure morphology trait
VT:0002206   CNS synaptic transmission trait
VT:0002210   sex determination trait
VT:0002216   seminiferous tubule morphology trait
VT:0002292   gestation period duration
VT:0002314   respiratory mechanics trait
VT:0002327   respiratory function trait
VT:0002336   pulmonary gas exchange trait
VT:0002338   pulmonary ventilation trait
VT:0002423   mast cell physiology trait
VT:0002424   reticulocyte morphology trait
VT:0002447   erythrocyte morphology trait
VT:0002451   macrophage physiology trait
VT:0002458   B cell quantity
VT:0002463   neutrophil physiology trait
VT:0002551   blood coagulation trait
VT:0002602   eosinophil quantity
VT:0002607   basophil quantity
VT:0002634   sensorimotor gating trait
VT:0002636   time of vaginal opening
VT:0002673   sperm quantity
VT:0002674   sperm motility trait
VT:0002706   kidney size trait
VT:0002707   kidney mass
VT:0002733   thermal nociception trait
VT:0002734   mechanical nociception trait
VT:0002735   chemical nociception trait
VT:0002792   retina blood vessel morphology trait
VT:0002796   skin barrier function trait
VT:0002820   premaxillary bone morphology trait
VT:0002835   cranial suture morphology trait
VT:0002847   glomerular filtration trait
VT:0002871   urine albumin amount
VT:0002997   seminal gland size trait
VT:0003065   hepatic copper amount
VT:0003081   soleus morphology trait
VT:0003082   gastrocnemius morphology trait
VT:0003083   tibialis anterior morphology trait
VT:0003084   skeletal muscle fiber morphology trait
VT:0003088   prepulse inhibition trait
VT:0003104   skull size trait
VT:0003105   heart atrium morphology trait
VT:0003135   reticulocyte quantity
VT:0003140   heart atrium size trait
VT:0003156   leukocyte migration trait
VT:0003179   platelet quantity
VT:0003398   skeletal muscle size trait
VT:0003402   liver mass
VT:0003564   insulin secretion trait
VT:0003565   glucagon secretion trait
VT:0003589   ureter physiology trait
VT:0003620   urine output
VT:0003656   erythrocyte physiology trait
VT:0003809   hair shaft morphology trait
VT:0003830   testis development trait
VT:0003893   hepatocyte proliferation trait
VT:0003945   lymphocyte physiology trait
VT:0004142   muscle tone
VT:0004189   alveolar process morphology trait
VT:0004209   sweet taste sensitivity trait
VT:0004212   salty taste sensitivity trait
VT:0004244   spontaneous abortion trait
VT:0004246   extensor digitorum longus morphology trait
VT:0004348   femur length
VT:0004357   tibia length
VT:0004951   spleen mass
VT:0004954   thymus mass
VT:0004972   regulatory T cell quantity
VT:0005007   bone mineral mass
VT:0005083   biliary tract morphology trait
VT:0005084   gall bladder morphology trait
VT:0005086   bile amount
VT:0005089   double-negative T cell quantity
VT:0005108   ulna morphology trait
VT:0005225   vertebra development trait
VT:0005270   zygomatic bone morphology trait
VT:0005274   viscerocranium morphology trait
VT:0005294   heart ventricle morphology trait
VT:0005303   urinary bladder physiology trait
VT:0005316   tactition trait
VT:0005327   mesangial cell morphology trait
VT:0005334   fat pad morphology trait
VT:0005335   gonadal fat pad morphology trait
VT:0005336   inguinal fat pad morphology trait
VT:0005404   axon morphology trait
VT:0005410   fertilization trait
VT:0005425   macrophage quantity
VT:0005431   oocyte quantity
VT:0005452   adipose amount
VT:0005629   lung mass
VT:0005675   gall bladder size trait
VT:0006007   basal ganglion morphology trait
VT:0006008   neurogenesis trait
VT:0006215   optic disc morphology trait
VT:0006276   autonomic nervous system physiology trait
VT:0006387   T cell quantity
VT:0007027   heart right atrium mass
VT:0007028   heart mass
VT:0007031   heart left ventricle mass
VT:0007033   heart right ventricle mass
VT:0007075   heart left ventricle wall thickness
VT:0007086   heart ventricle septum thickness
VT:0007088   heart right ventricle wall thickness
VT:0007090   aorta size trait
VT:0008038   NK T cell quantity
VT:0008043   natural killer cell quantity
VT:0008073   CD4-positive T cell quantity
VT:0008077   CD8-positive T cell quantity
VT:0008125   dendritic cell quantity
VT:0008215   immature B cell quantity
VT:0008345   gamma-delta T cell quantity
VT:0008397   CD4-positive, CD25-positive, alpha-beta regulatory T cell morphology trait
VT:0008466   mesenteric lymph node size trait
VT:0008559   interferon-gamma secretion trait
VT:0008719   neutrophil recruitment trait
VT:0008723   eosinophil recruitment trait
VT:0009340   splenocyte apoptosis trait
VT:0010003   bone morphology trait
VT:0010014   femur circumference
VT:0010019   epididymis mass
VT:0010042   sperm morphology trait
VT:0010080   skeletal muscle physiology trait
VT:0010086   vertebral column morphology trait
VT:0010119   skeletal muscle cellular composition trait
VT:0010131   cecum mass
VT:0010139   immune response trait
VT:0010144   pancreas mass
VT:0010183   platelet morphology trait
VT:0010195   intestine length
VT:0010249   blood cell physiology trait
VT:0010252   hemolymphoid system morphology trait
VT:0010290   milk calcium amount
VT:0010291   milk potassium amount
VT:0010292   milk sodium amount
VT:0010293   milk phosphorus amount
VT:0010295   milk magnesium amount
VT:0010298   heart ventricle size trait
VT:0010420   adrenal gland mass
VT:0010421   epididymal fat pad mass
VT:0010423   gonadal fat pad mass
VT:0010424   inguinal fat pad mass
VT:0010425   interscapular fat pad mass
VT:0010427   mesenteric fat pad mass
VT:0010429   renal fat pad mass
VT:0010430   retroperitoneal fat pad mass
VT:0010435   response to bacterial infection trait
VT:0010436   response to fungal infection trait
VT:0010437   response to parasitic infection trait
VT:0010439   response to viral infection trait
VT:0010440   bacteria quantity
VT:0010441   parasite quantity
VT:0010457   platelet size trait
VT:0010463   coat/hair pigmentation trait
VT:0010464   fertility trait
VT:0010470   pancreas insulin amount
VT:0010484   serotonin amount
VT:0010486   cardiac output trait
VT:0010490   aorta blood flow trait
VT:0010534   erythrocyte ion transport trait
VT:0010535   erythrocyte ion amount
VT:0010536   rostral migratory stream morphology trait
VT:0010538   lateral septum size trait
VT:0010540   urine creatinine amount
VT:0010569   quadriceps morphology trait
VT:0010585   brain molecular composition trait
VT:0010648   muscle glycogen amount
VT:0010690   pericardial fat pad mass
VT:0010710   milk copper amount
VT:0010711   milk iron amount
VT:0010714   milk zinc content
VT:0010758   heart left ventricle end-diastolic diameter
VT:0010759   heart left ventricle end-systolic diameter
VT:0010808   milk sulfur amount
VT:0010918   liver bile acid amount
VT:0010997   response to Coronaviridae infection
VT:0015004   mesenteric fat pad morphology trait
VT:0015006   renal fat pad morphology trait
VT:0015008   total fat pad mass
VT:0015026   neuron quantity
VT:0015058   brain physiology trait
VT:0015094   equilibrioception system trait
VT:1000111   bone mass
VT:1000121   lumbar vertebra quantity
VT:1000181   viable offspring quantity
VT:1000189   offspring quantity
VT:1000369   femur size trait
VT:1000429   muscle lactate amount
VT:1000472   subcutaneous adipose mass
VT:1000644   testis mass
VT:1000666   femur width
VT:1000711   abdominal fat pad mass
VT:1000712   skeletal muscle mass
VT:1000747   type I muscle fiber quantity
VT:1000748   type IIa muscle fiber quantity
VT:1000775   integumentary system trait
VT:2000000   arterial blood pressure trait
VT:2000009   heart pumping trait
VT:3000003   fibrin formation trait