Phenotype measures directly associated with ontology term
VT:0010442   'behavior trait'
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This list only includes measures mapped to VT:0010442 directly. Measures mapped to its ontology descendants are not included. Alternatively, you can show measures mapped to VT:0010442 AND its descendants.
VT:0001360   social investigation trait
VT:0001388   stationary movement trait
VT:0001392   locomotor behavior trait
VT:0001412   scratching trait
VT:0001422   drinking behavior trait
VT:0001431   eating behavior trait
VT:0001440   grooming behavior trait
VT:0001501   sleep behavior trait
VT:0001502   behavioral circadian rhythm trait
VT:0001505   body posture trait
VT:0001516   motor coordination/balance trait
VT:0001529   vocalization trait
VT:0001961   reflex trait
VT:0001968   tactile sensory behavior trait
VT:0002063   learning/memory/conditioning trait
VT:0002069   consumption behavior trait
VT:0003107   behavioral response to novelty trait
VT:0003492   involuntary movement trait
VT:0004262   physical strength trait
VT:0004263   limb posture trait
VT:0010455   rhythmic behavior trait
VT:0010459   behavioral response to novel environment trait
VT:0010461   excretion behavior trait
VT:0010462   defecation behavior trait
VT:0010471   exploratory behavior trait
VT:0010473   impulsivity behavior trait
VT:0010527   associative learning trait
VT:0010529   contextual fear conditioning behavior trait
VT:0010530   cued fear conditioning behavior trait
VT:0010531   operant conditioning behavior trait
VT:0010532   active avoidance behavior trait
VT:0010533   passive avoidance behavior trait
VT:0010600   maternal nurturing trait
VT:0010708   sheltering behavior trait
VT:0010709   behavioral response to novel object trait
VT:0010715   fear-related behavior trait
VT:0010716   anxiety-related behavior trait
VT:0010723   conditioned place preference behavior trait
VT:0010725   startle reflex trait
VT:0010726   wildness behavior trait
VT:0010727   spatial reference memory trait
VT:0010729   olfactory discrimination memory trait
VT:0010730   locomotor coordination trait
VT:0010731   gait trait
VT:0010732   head movement trait
VT:0010748   stereotypic behavior trait
VT:0015014   aggression-related behavior trait
VT:0015015   depression-related behavior trait