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MP:0020176   'abnormal IgG2a level'
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Data set Procedure What's in this data set Panel Sex Age (weeks) Year
Eumorphia7 immunoglobulin quantification Immunoglobulin concentrations (serum). inbred   (6) both 9-12wks 2008
Farmer1 study archive Colitis susceptibility, severity. Colon histopathology, body and spleen weight. QTL population both 6wks 2001
GMC20 immunoglobulin quantification Immunoglobulins (plasma). inbred w/CC8   (8) both 16-17, 20-21wks 2020
Noll1 immunoglobulin quantification IgM, IgG1, IgG2a + IgG2c, IgG2b, IgG3, total IgG CC RIX   (46) f 8-12 wks of age 2020