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MP:0008903   'abnormal mesenteric fat pad morphology'
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Data set Procedure What's in this data set Panel Sex Age (weeks) Year
Cheverud1 fat pad weights
with high-fat diet
High-fat diet (17wks) vs. control. LGXSM w/par   (19) both 12-16wks 2004
Kim1 study archive Glucose, insulin, body and fat pad weights. QTL population m 20-26wks 2001
Reed2 fat pad weights Comprehensive, several anatomical sites. B6.129 and 129.B6 consomic w/par   (9) both 26wks 2015
Reifsnyder1 study archive Body weight (several ages), fat mass, body mass index, fat pad weights. QTL population m 4-24wks 2000
Stylianou1 study archive
with high-fat diet
Body size, weight, fat pad weights after high-fat diet. QTL population both 24wks 2006