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MP:0005584   'abnormal enzyme/coenzyme activity'
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Data set Procedure What's in this data set Panel Sex Age (weeks) Year
Albers1 protein activity assessment
with high-fat diet
Phospholipid transfer protein activity. 4h fast. inbred   (15) both 6-14wks 1999
Donahue9 metabolic panel Clinical blood chemistry (serum). 4h fast. B6.PWD consomic w/par   (25) both 11wks 2011
Lionikas1 protein activity assessment
with exercise
Muscle enzyme levels. Exercised (swim endurance training regimen) vs. control at weekly intervals for 5wks. inbred   (6) m 11-14wks 2012
Rusyn2 drug and metabolite quantification
with trichloroethylene
Trichloroethylene metabolites in serum, 2h, 4h, 24h after trichoroethylene exposure. inbred   (17) m 7wks 2010
Rusyn5 metabolite quantification
with high-fat diet and ethanol
Homocysteine concentration after 4wk regimen of ethanol vs. control, both groups on high-fat diet. 24h fast. inbred   (14) m 8-14wks 2011
Threadgill1 metabolic panel
with acetaminophen
Blood urea nitrogen, alanine transaminase, aspartate transaminase (serum), liver enzyme homeostasis. Acetaminophen (several doses) vs. control, several timepoints post-Rx. 18h fast. inbred w/CC7   (37) m 8-17wks 2005
Threadgill1 metabolite quantification
with acetaminophen
Liver protein homeostasis. Acetaminophen vs. control. 18h fast. inbred w/CC7   (37) m 8-17wks 2005
Threadgill2 metabolite quantification
with acetaminophen
Glutathione. inbred   (5) m 6-8wks 2005
Yuan3 metabolic panel Clinical blood chemistry. Aging study, 6mo, 12mo, 18mo. inbred   (32) both 26, 52, 78 wks 2008