Phenotype measures directly associated with ontology term
MP:0005376   'homeostasis/metabolism phenotype'
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This list only includes measures mapped to MP:0005376 directly. Measures mapped to its ontology descendants are not included. Alternatively, you can show measures mapped to MP:0005376 AND its descendants.
MP:0000180   abnormal circulating cholesterol level
MP:0000181   abnormal circulating LDL cholesterol level
MP:0000184   abnormal circulating HDL cholesterol level
MP:0000187   abnormal triglyceride level
MP:0000188   abnormal circulating glucose level
MP:0000199   abnormal circulating serum albumin level
MP:0000202   abnormal circulating alkaline phosphatase level
MP:0000203   abnormal circulating aspartate transaminase level
MP:0001553   abnormal circulating free fatty acids level
MP:0001560   abnormal circulating insulin level
MP:0001562   abnormal circulating calcium level
MP:0001565   abnormal circulating phosphate level
MP:0001569   abnormal circulating bilirubin level
MP:0001573   abnormal circulating alanine transaminase level
MP:0001758   abnormal urine glucose level
MP:0001771   abnormal circulating magnesium level
MP:0001776   abnormal circulating sodium level
MP:0001784   abnormal fluid regulation
MP:0001905   abnormal dopamine level
MP:0002332   abnormal exercise endurance
MP:0002668   abnormal circulating potassium level
MP:0002900   abnormal urine phosphate level
MP:0002903   abnormal circulating parathyroid hormone level
MP:0002943   abnormal lactate dehydrogenase level
MP:0003018   abnormal circulating chloride level
MP:0003027   abnormal blood pH regulation
MP:0003065   abnormal liver copper level
MP:0003329   amyloid beta deposits
MP:0003457   abnormal circulating ketone body level
MP:0003564   abnormal insulin secretion
MP:0003565   abnormal glucagon secretion
MP:0003860   abnormal carbon dioxide level
MP:0003947   abnormal cholesterol level
MP:0003963   abnormal corticosterone level
MP:0003971   abnormal thyroid-stimulating hormone level
MP:0003977   abnormal circulating carnitine level
MP:0004043   abnormal pH regulation
MP:0004152   abnormal circulating iron level
MP:0004231   abnormal calcium ion homeostasis
MP:0004700   abnormal circulating insulin-like growth factor I level
MP:0004774   abnormal bile salt level
MP:0004891   abnormal adiponectin level
MP:0005023   abnormal wound healing
MP:0005265   abnormal blood urea nitrogen level
MP:0005288   abnormal oxygen consumption
MP:0005291   abnormal glucose tolerance
MP:0005322   abnormal serotonin level
MP:0005328   abnormal circulating creatinine level
MP:0005331   insulin resistance
MP:0005332   abnormal amino acid level
MP:0005345   abnormal circulating corticosterone level
MP:0005437   abnormal glycogen level
MP:0005443   abnormal ethanol metabolism
MP:0005448   abnormal energy homeostasis
MP:0005450   abnormal energy expenditure
MP:0005475   abnormal circulating thyroxine level
MP:0005535   abnormal body temperature
MP:0005584   abnormal enzyme/coenzyme activity
MP:0005637   abnormal iron homeostasis
MP:0005667   abnormal circulating leptin level
MP:0006076   abnormal circulating homocysteine level
MP:0006084   abnormal circulating phospholipid level
MP:0006315   abnormal urine protein level
MP:0006357   abnormal circulating mineral level
MP:0008469   abnormal protein level
MP:0008550   abnormal circulating interferon-beta level
MP:0008551   abnormal circulating interferon-gamma level
MP:0008552   abnormal circulating tumor necrosis factor level
MP:0008588   abnormal circulating interleukin level
MP:0008590   abnormal circulating interleukin-10 level
MP:0008595   abnormal circulating interleukin-6 level
MP:0008610   abnormal circulating interleukin-15 level
MP:0008616   abnormal circulating interleukin-12 level
MP:0008634   abnormal circulating interleukin-18 level
MP:0008713   abnormal cytokine level
MP:0008738   abnormal liver iron level
MP:0008804   abnormal circulating amylase level
MP:0008820   abnormal blood uric acid level
MP:0008872   abnormal physiological response to xenobiotic
MP:0008875   abnormal xenobiotic pharmacokinetics
MP:0008961   abnormal basal metabolism
MP:0008962   abnormal carbon dioxide production
MP:0009548   abnormal platelet aggregation
MP:0009643   abnormal urine homeostasis
MP:0010060   abnormal creatine level
MP:0010086   abnormal circulating fructosamine level
MP:0010089   abnormal circulating creatine kinase level
MP:0010165   abnormal response to stress-induced hyperthermia
MP:0010209   abnormal circulating chemokine level
MP:0010213   abnormal circulating fibrinogen level
MP:0011008   abnormal circulating glutamate dehydrogenase level
MP:0011228   abnormal vitamin D level
MP:0011434   abnormal urine magnesium level
MP:0011469   abnormal urine creatinine level
MP:0011577   abnormal lipoprotein lipase activity
MP:0011592   abnormal catalase activity
MP:0011601   abnormal glutathione peroxidase activity
MP:0011611   abnormal circulating ghrelin level
MP:0011888   abnormal circulating total protein level
MP:0011912   abnormal circulating fibronectin level
MP:0011922   abnormal circulating osteocalcin level
MP:0011924   abnormal liver zinc level
MP:0011969   abnormal circulating triglyceride level
MP:0011973   abnormal circulating glycerol level
MP:0011978   abnormal potassium ion homeostasis
MP:0012324   abnormal circulating antithrombin level
MP:0012327   abnormal circulating factor VIII level
MP:0012354   abnormal prothrombin time
MP:0012357   abnormal partial thromboplastin time
MP:0012385   abnormal erythrocyte potassium:chloride symporter activity
MP:0012388   abnormal erythrocyte sodium:hydrogen antiporter activity
MP:0012391   abnormal erythrocyte sodium:potassium-exchanging ATPase activity
MP:0012394   abnormal erythrocyte calcium-activated potassium channel activity
MP:0012608   abnormal complement C5 level
MP:0012623   abnormal acetylcholinesterase activity
MP:0012691   abnormal acetaminophen metabolism
MP:0012692   abnormal fluoxetine metabolism
MP:0012693   abnormal haloperidol metabolism
MP:0012694   abnormal lithium metabolism
MP:0012695   abnormal nicotine metabolism
MP:0012696   abnormal trichloroethene metabolism
MP:0012734   abnormal response to radiation
MP:0012735   abnormal response to exercise
MP:0012776   abnormal liver cholesterol level
MP:0012778   abnormal liver triglyceride level
MP:0012780   abnormal phospholipid transfer protein activity
MP:0013275   abnormal xenobiotic metabolism
MP:0013403   abnormal circulating lactate level
MP:0020086   abnormal susceptibility to non-insulin-dependent diabetes
MP:0020124   abnormal circulating HDL phospholipid level
MP:0020127   abnormal circulating non-HDL phospholipid level
MP:0020149   abnormal mortality induced by ionizing radiation
MP:0020151   abnormal circulating non-HDL cholesterol level
MP:0020153   abnormal urine albumin level
MP:0020279   abnormal creatine kinase level
MP:0020880   abnormal milk calcium level
MP:0020881   abnormal milk copper level
MP:0020882   abnormal milk iron level
MP:0020884   abnormal milk magnesium level
MP:0020886   abnormal milk phosphate level
MP:0020888   abnormal milk potassium level
MP:0020890   abnormal milk sodium level
MP:0020892   abnormal milk sulfate level
MP:0020894   abnormal milk zinc level
MP:0021122   abnormal trimethylamine N-oxide level
MP:0021125   abnormal phosphocholine level
MP:0021129   abnormal glycerophosphocholine level
MP:0021132   abnormal amino acid betaine level
MP:0030752   abnormal choline level
MP:0030967   abnormal circulating adiponectin level