Phenotype measures associated with ontology term
MP:0001790   'abnormal immune system physiology'
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All measures in this list are mapped to the ontology descendants of MP:0001790. None are mapped to MP:0001790 directly.
MP:0001819   abnormal immune cell physiology
MP:0001844   autoimmune response
MP:0001845   abnormal inflammatory response
MP:0002423   abnormal mast cell physiology
MP:0002451   abnormal macrophage physiology
MP:0002463   abnormal neutrophil physiology
MP:0002465   abnormal eosinophil physiology
MP:0002723   abnormal immune serum protein physiology
MP:0003303   peritoneal inflammation
MP:0003945   abnormal lymphocyte physiology
MP:0005042   abnormal level of surface class II molecules
MP:0008550   abnormal circulating interferon-beta level
MP:0008551   abnormal circulating interferon-gamma level
MP:0008552   abnormal circulating tumor necrosis factor level
MP:0008588   abnormal circulating interleukin level
MP:0008590   abnormal circulating interleukin-10 level
MP:0008595   abnormal circulating interleukin-6 level
MP:0008610   abnormal circulating interleukin-15 level
MP:0008616   abnormal circulating interleukin-12 level
MP:0008634   abnormal circulating interleukin-18 level
MP:0008713   abnormal cytokine level
MP:0009340   abnormal splenocyte apoptosis
MP:0010209   abnormal circulating chemokine level
MP:0010213   abnormal circulating fibrinogen level
MP:0012608   abnormal complement C5 level
MP:0020171   abnormal IgA level
MP:0020173   abnormal IgE level
MP:0020174   abnormal IgG level
MP:0020175   abnormal IgG1 level
MP:0020176   abnormal IgG2a level
MP:0020177   abnormal IgG2b level
MP:0020178   abnormal IgG2c level
MP:0020179   abnormal IgG3 level
MP:0020180   abnormal IgM level
MP:0020183   altered susceptibility to fungal infection
MP:0020184   altered susceptibility to parasitic infection
MP:0020185   altered susceptibility to viral infection
MP:0020186   altered susceptibility to bacterial infection
MP:0020948   abnormal susceptibility to Coronaviridae infection
This MP term has been mapped to these MPD phenotype measurements to help users find relevant data. It should be noted that MPD measurements typically have a mixture of high-end, low-end and "normal" readings.