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MP:0000559   'abnormal femur morphology'
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Data set Procedure What's in this data set Panel Sex Age (weeks) Year
Beamer1 study archive Bone volume. QTL population f 20wks 1999
Beamer2 study archive Bone morphology and strength, insulin-like growth factor 1. QTL population f 16wks 2001
Burke1 study archive Femur and vertebra morphology and strength. Monthly body weight 3 - 13 months. QTL population f 14-56wks 2012
Chesler3 bone dimensions Femur. CC pre w/par   (367) both 7-15wks 2011
Donahue2 DXA Femur bone mineral density and content, thigh cross sectional areas. inbred   (10) both 16wks 2004
Donahue2 bone dimensions Femur. inbred   (10) both 16wks 2004
Donahue2 computed tomography Bone morphology (femur). inbred   (10) both 16wks 2004
Levy1 computed tomography Bone microarchitecture, morphology (femur). CC pre   (31) both 8-14wks 2015
Lionikas1 bone dimensions
with exercise
Femur length. Exercised (swim endurance training regimen) vs. control at weekly intervals for 5wks. inbred   (6) m 11-14wks 2012
Wergedal1 study archive Bone mineral density, thickness, strength. QTL population f 10wks 2006