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MA:0003001   'organ'
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Data set Procedure What's in this data set Panel Sex Age (weeks) Year
Attie2 hormone quantification
with high-fat high-sucrose diet
Plasma insulin, adiponectin, leptin. Ex vivo insulin secretion. DO population both 4-26wks 2018
Attie2 microscopy
with high-fat high-sucrose diet
Number of islets harvested. DO population both 4-26wks 2018
Deschepper1 organ weights Heart, kidney, thymus, adrena weights. inbred   (13) both 10wks 2004
DiCurzio1 organ weights Adrenal weight. BXD w/par   (66) both 10wks 2010
DiCurzio1 histopathology Adrenal glands. BXD w/par   (66) both 10wks 2010
Hunter1 histopathology Metastatic progression of mammary tumor and genetic background. MMTV PyVT transgenic   (28) f various 1998
Solberg1 study archive Open field test, forced swim test, defensive burying task. QTL population both 11-17wks 2004