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MA:0000168   'brain'
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Data set Procedure What's in this data set Panel Sex Age (weeks) Year
Bopp1 health assessment
with Plasmodium berghei
Susceptibility, Plasmodium berghei (malaria). Parasitemia in blood and distribution in brain, spleen, lungs, liver. inbred   (31) both 8-12wks 2010
Brich1 study archive Protein tau hyperphosphorylation. QTL population f 3wks 2003
Brinkmeyer1 RNA expression profiling
with Theiler's murine encephalomyelitis virus
TMEV transcript abundance. CC   (5) both 4wks 2017
Chesler3 organ weights Heart, brain, kidney, spleen, gonadal fat pads, testicle weights. CC pre w/par   (367) both 7-15wks 2011
Crabbe2 drug and metabolite quantification
with diazepam
Diazepam (and metabolite) concentration in brain tissue immediately after diazepam injection and rotarod. inbred   (15) both 6-7wks 1998
Crusio1 organ weights Brain weight. BXD w/par   (55) both 10-16wks 2018
Crusio1 histopathology Hippocampal histology. BXD w/par   (55) both 10-16wks 2018
Davidson1 study archive Exencephaly, neural tube defects in embryos. QTL population both embryo 2007
Frankel1 electroconvulsion test
with lamotrigine
Electroconvulsive thresholds. Lamotrigine. 2 test sites. inbred   (16) both 6-11wks 2000
Gould1 drug and metabolite quantification
with lithium
Lithium concentration in brain tissue and blood serum after lithium (several doses). inbred   (11) m 7-8wks 2011
Graham1 immune cell quantification
with West Nile virus
T cell populations in brain and spleen. CC RIX   (5) m 8-10wks 2015
Graham1 RNA expression profiling
with West Nile virus
Viral load and expression of Ifnb1 and Ifit1 in brain, kidney and spleen. CC RIX   (5) m 8-10wks 2015
Jaxpheno2 organ weights Brain, heart, kidney, liver, spleen weights. inbred   (11) both 8, 16 wks 2006
Marchuk1 histopathology Cerebral infarct volume, stroke susceptibility. Surgical occlusion of distal medial cerebral artery (MCA) to induce ischemia. inbred   (16) both 11-13wks 2009
Molenhuis1 organ weights Brain weight. CC   (52) m 7-20wks 2018
Neuner1 biomarker quantification Temporal cortex amyloid level, age 6 and 14 mo. F1 AD-BXD   (55) both 7-65wks 2019
Poon1 histopathology Cell proliferation in the rostral migratory stream. BrdU+ cells. inbred   (9) both 13-78wks 2013
Reed2 organ weights Brain, heart, kidney, liver, pancreas, spleen weights. B6.129 and 129.B6 consomic w/par   (9) both 26wks 2015
Rhodes1 microscopy
with exercise
Examination of hippocampus dentate gyrus. Exercise wheel group vs. control group. inbred   (12) both 8-15wks 2010
Richfield1 neurotransmitter quantification Neurotransmitters. Molecular measures. inbred   (15) m 7-9wks 2003
Rosen1 histopathology Midsagittal area of corpus callosum. BXD w/par   (78) both various 2012
Schalkwyk2 RNA expression profiling Hippocampal microRNA expression. Normalized data. BXD w/par   (26) m 15-16wks 2012
Schauwecker1 health assessment
with pilocarpine
Study of pilocarpine effect on epilepticus seizures. inbred   (11) m 8-10wks 2012
Tsaih1 study archive Brain weight, body weight. QTL population both 2005
Wahlsten1 organ weights Brain weight. inbred   (21) both 9, 12 wks 2003
Wahlsten1 histopathology Corpus callosum, hippocampus, anterior commisure. inbred   (21) both 9, 12 wks 2003
Wiltshire3 biomarker quantification
with fluoxetine
Brain tissue survey of 30 biochemical analytes. Fluoxetine-treated vs. control. 21d. inbred   (30) m 10-11wks 2011