Project measure / variable:   Sunde1   Gpx4_act_def

ID, description, units MPD:65353   Gpx4_act_def   liver Gpx4 enzyme activity (EU/g protein)   [EU/g]  Se deficient  
selenium study
Data set, strains Sunde1   inbred w/CC8   8 strains     sex: m     age: 11-14wks
Procedure protein activity assessment
Availability note:Individual animal data were not submitted. Some functionality not available.
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Sunde1 - liver Gpx4 enzyme activity (EU/g protein) Se deficient

Measure Summary Male
Number of strains tested8 strains
Mean of the strain means3.8625   EU/g
Median of the strain means3.765   EU/g
SD of the strain means± 0.7718
Coefficient of variation (CV)0.1998
Min–max range of strain means2.9   –   5.09   EU/g
Mean sample size per strain1.2   mice

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Strain Sex Mean SD N mice SEM CV Min, Max Z score
129S1/SvImJ m 3.81 None   1   None None -0.07
A/J m 5.09 None   1   None None 1.59
C57BL/6J m 3.35 0.05196   3 0.03 0.02 -0.66
CAST/EiJ m 3.72 None   1   None None -0.18
NOD/ShiLtJ m 4.45 None   1   None None 0.76
NZO/HlLtJ m 2.9 None   1   None None -1.25
PWK/PhJ m 3.05 None   1   None None -1.05
WSB/EiJ m 4.53 None   1   None None 0.86

GWAS analysis not available: Individual animal data not submitted