JaxKOMP-LAP phenotype measure: AST            
MPD and LIMS short name AST       aspartate_aminotransferase_ast
Phenotype description aspartate transaminase (plasma AST)  [IU/L]
MPD and LIMS phenotype procedure metabolic panel       clinical blood chemistry       View protocol
MPD measure ID, data type 101166     numeric data
Number of genotypes 100  genotypes completed with analytics available, both sexes
Age at testing 75-81wks       Late Adult Phenotyping study   LAP

Data points below are the computed genotype effect size for each KOMP genotype vs. C57BL6/NJ controls.

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Genotype Genotype Effect Genotype Effect SE Genotype Effect RankZ Adjusted p-value Unadjusted p-value

Correlate aspartate transaminase (plasma AST) with JaxKOMP-LAP trait: