JaxKOMP-EAP: Available downloads

Strains, genotypes, animals
• All distinct genotypes seen in EAP
• Genotypes that have recently completed the EAP pipeline and have effectsize values available
• All individual mice seen in EAP

Data for JaxKOMP-EAP procedures (CSV). These tables have one row per animal, and columns for the various traits and environment parameters (the latter names begin with env_). These tables contain all data that have been extracted from JaxLims to date.
• ABR test
• body composition
• body weight
• clinical blood chemistry
• electroretinography
• ERG v2.0
• eye morphology
• glucose tolerance test
• grip strength
• heart weight
• hematology
• holeboard
• insulin blood level
• light / dark
• open field
• plasma chemistry analysis
• rotarod
• sleep
• startle / PPI
• tail suspension
• urinalysis
• XRay
• Y-Maze

Also available: body weight time series data set for all animals

Spleen weight raw data are available on request.