Gene expression functionality discontinued

Gene expression microarray data sets and related functionality that were formerly available through MPD have been discontinued with the June 2017 release. These data sets continue to be available as indicated below:

Data set Availability
Benoist2 (T4cells) NCBI GEO GSE60337
Benoist3 (granulcytes) NCBI GEO GSE60337
Gatti1 (liver) NCBI GEO GSE14563
Lusis1 (liver) NCBI GEO GSE16780
Orozco1, 2, 3 (LPS and OxPAPC vs controls) NCBI GEO GSE38705
Rusyn3, 4 (TCE vs. controls) NCBI GEO GSE24278
Shockley2, 3 (high-fat diet vs. baseline) NCBI GEO GSE10493
Stearns1 (lung) NCBI GEO GSE30015
Su1 (liver) NCBI GEO GSE13870
Tabakoff1, 2 (brain) PhenoGen